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Michal Bignitiz
Yoav Avrahami
David Broder
Yaniv Even Haim
David Schwartz
Ronen Ben David

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About this event

Launch a Web App in 3 Days to Over 30 Million Users! Join the 1st Ever Open Wix Hackathon March 7th to 9th 2013 Tel Aviv Port​


  • Home-1st
  • First place
  • Either 1000$ or a working space at Wix's offices (Tel Aviv port)+ professional mentorship

  • Home-2nd
  • Second place
  • 500$ or professional mentorship

  • Home-3rd
  • Third place
  • 250$



  • Wednesday
  • 18:00     Meet up and drinks - Scope out the competition with liquid

    19:00 Yaniv Even Haim - Opening speech

    19:10     David Schwartz - Wix App Market: Designing a Winning Web App

    19:40     Yoav Abrahami - Working with Wix SDK

    20:00 Entrepreneurs' & innovators' 1-minute pitches!

    21:00     Drinks and mingling - Shape your idea, build your team, and plan what you'll do with all that Sweet Exit Cash!

  • Thursday
  • 09:00    Get together and breakfast - carb load for the day ahead

    10:00    Choose your workshop:

                  Yoav Avrahami- Developing Wix Apps using Google App engine 

                  Ran Mizrahi- Developing Wix Apps using PHP

    13:00    Lunch and team-up with your future co-founders

    19:00    Dinner to wind down (or up, if you're planning on a White Night)



By submitting a project to the Wix TLV Hackathon 2013 contest you agree to the following legal terms of use!legal/c16j4 General: Apps: App appli...

By submitting a project to the Wix TLV Hackathon 2013 contest you agree to the following legal terms of use!legal/c16j4


  1. Apps: App applications should comply with Wix App Market specifications, and applicants must sign our partner agreement.

 2. Coding language: Applications may be built in any code you please.

 3. Fresh code: You can use APIs, open source libraries, sprites, wire frames and any design element that you like. Participants can also take an existing product that was not originally created for the Wix App Market and modify it. You can also work on the concept for your App before the competition begins, and create digital mock ups and database entity diagrams. However, no production assets of any kind can be created until the official start of the competition period.

 4. Ownership and IP: Teams have full ownership of everything they build at our events and are free to do with them as they wish.

 5. Teams: Teams should be comprised of between one and five individuals. No more than five people will be allowed on a team.

 6. Presentations: Presentations will start at 18:00, on Saturday the 9th of March. You will have 2 minutes to present your App, and the judges will then ask you between 1-3 questions. After your 2 minutes are up you will be asked to stop your demo, so please ensure that you are well prepared.

 7. Submissions: Submissions are due by 17:00, on Sunday the 10th of March.

 8. Judging: We are looking for great Apps for the Wix App Market, and talent. Judges will be looking for teams that can build completed prototypes and turn them into working products within 8 weeks.

​ 9. Winners: Winners will receive prizes, including cash, mentorship and free working space.