Women Empowering Each Other - Learn & Monetise Vocational Skills



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Project Team

Konidala Divyan Munirathnam
Lin Yixiang Leon

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Weeo! is a one-stop online platform that allows women to form groups, learn vocational skills from trainers, and monetise the skills they acquire. The “trainer" lists the skill he/she would like to teach and also the resulting end product. "Interested buyers" would pre-order the product and "interested women" would join the trainer’s group to learn the skill (needed to make the product). The trainer imparts the skill to the group members and the group would eventually full fill the pre-orders. ============================================================================================================= The group members would show their commitment towards learning the skill, by paying a group registration fee. Up on the authorisation of the group members, a part of the collected money (fees and the pre-order sales) is released by Weeo! for the purchase of raw materials. Once the training is complete and the pre-orders are full filled, the remaining money, which is actually the profit, is proportionally distributed among the group members and the trainer. Weeo! applies a certain percentage of fees on the total amount of funds raised by the group. ============================================================================================================= Additionally, certain group members can take up other roles in the group and help the trainer to manage the group efficiently. This would allow these members to gain managerial and entrepreneurial skills as well. Other organisations may also wish to encourage and support a particular group via donations and equipment, etc. ============================================================================================================= 2 Major Pains we addressed: (1) In many developing countries, the two main areas for empowering women are education and the ability to earn income. Women who for various social and family circumstances cannot take up a full time job. However, within the confines of their circumstances, women may have time and passion to acquire a vocational skill and also earn an income . (2) Women who have fascinating vocational skills may not have the finances and marketing skills to reach out to buyers, carryout the sales, and receive payments. They may also not have the man power and resources to produce just enough quantities of a particular product for a right return on investment.


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