• Best hack using body signals (Bitalino)
  • Internet of Emotions Hack (Musimap)
  • MusicBash Challenge (Universal Music) -Handsfree Music Selection (Autohaus Berger)
  • Best hack on music creation or performance (Native Instruments)
  • Best hardware hack (Modal Electronics, HappyLab)


Best hack using body signals (Bitalino)

From heart rate controlled immersive spaces to vehicles with a built-in lie detector, biomedical signals have found their way out of the hospital and into multiple dimensions within the creative industries. In this challenge, we defy participants to use one or more modalities and create a biosignal-based sonified playful interaction in the form of a multiplayer game. Examples include, without limitation, a arm wrestling game where two players have their muscles monitored and audio feedback about who is winning, synthesised audio track co-creation modulated by nervous system signals or an audio player with one playlist per user where the sound tracks are selected based on brain waves of the most relaxed user.

Award: a Bitalino body signal board for every team member

Sponsored by Bitalino

Internet of Emotions Hack (Musimap)

Imagine an app, website, platform or device for the upcoming Internet of Emotions era: Allow people to live closer to their emotions via music. Explore the link between music, personality and emotions to bring emotional intelligence to virtual assistants, smart homes or recommender systems. Enrich and impact people’s emotional life with music matching or even changing their mood. Musimap provides an API that knows about genres, styles, moods, and much more in music. „Remix“ it with other services or hardware or any creative idea for the "Internet of Emotions“.

Award: 500 €

Sponsored by Musimap

Handsfree Music Selection (Autohaus Berger)

The right music for your road trip or soothing tunes to relax in a traffic jam. The goal of this challenge is to find new innovative ways to select music. From automatic playlist generation to chatting with your car radio or drumming on the steering wheel – everything that keeps your hands on the wheel and off the radio’s buttons.

Award: a Test Drive with a brand new Skoda for 1 day

Sponsored by Autohaus Berger

MusicBash Challenge (Universal Music)

MusicBash app is an interactive and social music discovery app. Every day users can vote for their favorite artists and immediately see how other users voted. Download the MusicBach app (DACH/GSA only) or watch teaser here: For this challenge, we will provide you an extract of the data we collect from our users. Use this data about their voting behavior, apply some machine learning algorithms, combine it with other APIs or enrich it in any possible way and develop a mobile website that is presenting something that would be interesting to our users. Your hack might end up as a new feature in the app…

Award: concert tickets for a Universal artist of your choice

Sponsored by Universal Music Germany

Best hack on music creation or performance

This is an open challenge and will be awarded to the most convincing and creative hack around the topics of creating music or a performance or making performances interactive, immersive, participative, etc.

Award: Native Instruments Reaktor licenses to every team member (max. 5)

Sponsored by Native Instruments

Best hardware hack

This is an open challenge and will be awarded to the most creative realization of a combination of hardware and music (possibly also software of course).

Awards: up to 3 ModalElectronics CRAFTsynth device(s) or 3 months free membership to HappyLab Vienna (up to 5 x Small oder 1 x Large membership)

"Happylab is an open workshop where ideas and projects can be brought to life with laser cutter, 3D printer, cnc milling machine, cutting plotter and electronics. On 250 m2 Happylab Wien provides access to numerous machines and tools - from simple screw drivers to professional 3D printers. In our free trainings we show you how to use the machines to realise your own ideas and projects"

Sponsored by ModalElectronics & HappyLab ,