The future of wallets

Tel Aviv


Technologies Used

electrical systems design
Arduino Development
MasterCard Lost-Stolen Account List
MasterCard SimplifyCommerce

Project Team

Sapir Shemer
Developer Designer Entrepreneur

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


This device is a watch that contains RFID, Bluetooth, Fingerprint scanner and touch screen technologies. The watch has the ability to pay using RFID technology. to confirm payment you need to swipe your finger on the finger print scanner. You can also store in the watch visiting card and cards such as rav-kav, so that you won't ever need a physical wallet again. The payment is made using a signature that confirms that the payment was real and not stolen, so that you can transfer money even when you're not connected to the internet, and when one of the parties connects to the internet only then the transaction is made. All the RFID credit card data transfters are made using and RSA encryption. In super markets there will be an NFC tag near every product which you can scan and get the prices before buying and/or asking. Even if someone steals the watch, the data on the watch is encrypted, and you need a fingerpring to unlock it (You can choose to add a code too). Using this technology we can save a lot of paper and materials used to make cards(visiting cards, rav kav's, even invitation, etc..), Using technology we can really make the world better, and more secure :) So get ready throw your wallet and that big pack of cards of yours away, and move to a new more comfortable, and secure way. the Watch Wallet.


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