VR AntiMatter

Virtual reality is fixed.



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Faisal Shareef
Developer Designer

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Product Manager Investor


it's indie action game having a VR experience, designed for gamers seeking an original and intense experience.. As a particle you start a journey into space/different worlds! Your survival depends on collecting friendly elements that will increase your score and maintaine your adrenaline. The view with oculus will give you a breathtaking experience where you will feel the hurdles coming right into your face and it will give you a challenging gameplay. Smart moves will help you collect more friendly objects and boosters. Shooting enemies will give you bonus points and different boosters that can be used in intense situations. We are planning to add multiplayer gameplay where 100 of players may start their journey at the same time but smarters and better players get boosters along the way which will help them overtake co-players and collect more elements. Smartest will survive! The key point is to introduce the opportunities that virtual reality is going to open for entertainment industry. People spend billion of dollars a year on virtual goods. What if we provide them a space or you can say a whole virtual world of their own where they can spend time and may live for a very long time. People in this country are usually a step behind in tech, We find it hard to adopt a futuristic approach, We are too afraid to take steps towards our passions. V R giving them a glimpse of a virtual experience that may convince them to see more from us :)