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Navin Danapal
Desmond Kam

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About this event

The aim to host a Virtual Reality Hackathon is to promote the technologies and products for Virtual Reality. It gathers the pioneers and drives the innovations for software, hardware, and total solutions, after all, it is for fun. This event has been supported by communities and companies all over the world.

Virtual Reality Hackathon Asia 2016 @Beijing brings developers get together and do all you can do with VR in two days.

Connect with people, experience Virtual Reality, have fun.

Aug. 26 18:00 - 22:00 Kickoff; Aug. 27,28 Hackathon

VR hackathon Global partners:

VR hackathon main host:

Vr hackathon Asia host: Community

Vr hackathon Asia partners: 1. VR Japan: 2. VR Indonesia : 3. VR Vietnam: 4. VR China: Wechat group 5. VR Asia Singapore:


  • Saturday
  • Schedule for the day is not published
  • Friday
  • Time Name Info Rep on it Notes 5:00 PM event setup setup space, tables, chairs, etc. order coffee for Saturday morning 6:30 PM Doors Open
    7:30 PM "Opening ceremony " Welcome/Introductions
    7:40 PM Cover hack categories Categories: see website
    7:45 PM Lightning rounds
    8:00 PM Team Formations
    10:00 PM Adjourn
    10:30 PM building empty



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