Visa ID

Digital security for the physical world

Las Vegas


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Jon Kim
Mike Bieronski

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Product Manager Investor


In an increasingly connected world consumed by online dating, Meetups, and accessible international travel, strangers connect with one another more readily than ever before. VisaID is a mobile application that connects VISA cardholders with unique, digital wallets. Once verified and set up, people can use VisaID conveniently and safely in everyday situations. Applying for an apartment lease? Your landlord can verify your creditworthiness without you giving away your Social Security number. Own a bar and don't want to serve alcohol to minors with fake ID's? Use VisaID to verify age. VisaID, in it's second iteration, will be available as an API for qualified merchants. Casinos can verify and identify their biggest spenders without the need for physical coins. DMV visits can be completed with a fraction of the paperwork, and online retailers will gain additional revenue because verifying identity through a fingerprint is more simple than typing in credit card information. And it can be used for everything a Social Security number would be used for, without having to give it out. At the same time, users will have control over the information that they send, will be able to log in to their VisaID account at anytime, and will love Visa for that transparency (even more than Equifax!). Meanwhile, because VisaID is the only virtual ID "wallet" of it's kind, there will more than enough opportunities to upsell customers towards the Visa ecosystem. And most importantly, Visa, thanks to VisaID, will spearhead a world where people have the tools and expertise to trust one another. Thank you Visa.


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