VideoContent Analysis for blocking child pornography

Block uploading of child pornography , intelligent prediction of probable uploading sources



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PROBLEM Child pornography is criminal offence and a repercussion of child trafficking. Tens of thousands of videos are uploaded on many websites throughout the world in a day. (70,000 urls hosting child pornography were hosted in 2015) Filtering videos on Porn websites manually is very slow process which leads to gateway for people to easily upload videos which are against such law. This is a global social problem which needs to be addressed using latest technologies. SOLUTION By analysing the content of video before it get published, our product checks on such restricted content and discard the upload if found. We have developed an video analysis platform, which internally works on advanced image recognition using machine learning and neural-network concepts. It recognizes if a given pornographic video has child pornography The video is then further reported to the website/manual testers for recheck. And if the child pornographic contents are found in the video it is then banned. DATA IS THE NEW OIL Keep a record of metadata of videos being uploaded ; IP address ; city; zipcode ; age ; email address of child porn uploaders Keep a record of the unerage personnel identified for further reporting to suitable authorities Data further used for maintaining a central database which could be shared with corresponding authorities on a freemium basis. THE NEED Indian Govt banned ALL porn websites in 2015 on account of child pornography getting discovered on a few websites leading to a loss of business for legitimate and legal porn websites Youtube pays 5000$ per month to unemployed new graduates for human moderation.[1] Lot of human moderation is also outsourced to Phillipines for instance costing upto 500$ per month for human moderation[1] Human moderators face psychological problems TRACTION Reached around 50 porn websites with this solution and many of them reciprocated positively as human involvement is video analysis is psychologically tedious job. Currently in deal with few websites about inculcating #Pragma as a plugin project with their current systems. For ex . Xhamsters a famous porn website is currently in talks for using the product, and now trying out our beta product with their video database. 75% approval rate and positive response from our target customer which includes social, pornographic websites and ISP (Internet Service Provider).