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Pyxis Developer

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About this event


You are required to build a Proof Of Concept for a web-based video editor with MP4 rendering and export support.

The functionalities that need to be supported in the video editor need to be:

  • Video background
  • Image background
  • Empty (color) background
  • Text overlay on video / image / empty (color) background
  • Text animations
  • Frame transitions

Reference videos for requirements

You can build a block-based / timeline based / layer-based editor as per your convenience. The user experience for the editor is completely up to your discretion.

You can refer to a few ideas on possible user experiences you can take inspiration from provided below:

Block based video editor:

Timeline based (scene wise) video editor:

Support transitions between scenes reference:

Layer based video editor:


The key functionality that is required is that the MP4 export from the video editor must be done in a duration less than or equal to 1X of the video duration.

For example, if the video duration is 15 seconds, then the rendering time for this video should be less than or equal to 15 seconds. If the video duration is 5 minutes, then the rendering time should be less than or equal to 5 minutes.

The rendering time should be uniform across all clients. (Meaning, it shouldn't depend on the configuration of the device on which the user is opening the editor). If it is not uniform across all clients, the rendering time in the lowest config system should be less than or equal to 1X.

The editor should support the creation of videos up to 1 hour in duration.

The editor should support the addition of multiple scenes/blocks/layers one after the other and the addition of transitions/animations between 2 scenes/blocks/layers. (The repository of animations can be limited in the POC that will be submitted)

Submission guidelines

You are required to host the application on any hosting platform of your choice and submit the hosted URL for testing the functionality and the rendering time.

Along with that, You are required to commit the code in Github / Bitbucket repository and submit the repository URL.


Whoever is able to create a proof of concept first with all the requirements mentioned above shall be awarded prize money of $10,000. Also, he/she shall be offered an opportunity to work on the productization of this project, if interested.


In case of any queries, you can reach out to


  • Home-1st
  • $10000.0
  • Prize


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