Promoting health snack choices through smart vending machines

Las Vegas


Technologies Used

Mastercard Vending
Mastercard Vending Machine API

Project Team

Hannah Reischl

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Problem: Calorie tracking is hard and the market needs a better tool to guide consumers to know what they eat. Everyone has a smart phone, but no one has the effective tool for using food tracking to make good choices. Solution: Our product, VendTelligent connects fitness and food tracking tools to smart vending and calorie data to guide smart snack purchase using MasterCard’s smart vending machine.   VendTelligent identifies nearby vending machine “snack opportunities" and seamlessly connects your fitness tracker to the MasterCard smart vending machine allowing the consumer to know how each snack choice will affect their daily caloric intake.  The App guides you towards choosing healthier snack choices by showing your movement and food entries real time to let you know how many calories you have to “spend” on an afternoon snack.    Many of us are living on the run, often choosing convenient snacks over healthy meals. This App makes smarter snack choices, and allows you keep track of what you are eating.  This App is simple by design and has potential for impact on individual and population levels. The app could be scaled up to pair with nutrition needs applications for weight loss, fitness programs, and disease management. 


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