$150 Bookstore Gift Card and OneClass Membership for a semester for Best Hack for Students [One Class]

This prize goes to the team that creates the best hack for students.

$300 for the Best Use of Financial API [Orbis]

An App that makes use of any Financial API. The prize will be $300.

$500 for Best use of Oanda's API [Oandas]

The team with the best use of the OANDA Open API in whatever context will win. You can find the api here: http://developer.oanda.com

AR Drones for the Best Heroes Hack [FreshBooks]

We'll basically accept any app that "saves the day". We chose this as FreshBooks regularly saves the day for small business owners by making accounting easy.

Intuos Tablet for Best Design and Graphics [Wacom]

The prize will be given to the hack that contains the best Design and Graphics.

Raspberry Pis and Swag for Most Innovative Hack [Infusion]

Raspberry Pi Starter Kits will be awarded for the most innovative hack.

Surface Tablet for the Most Creative Service App [Microsoft]

Creative an app that provides an innovative service and you could win a Surface Tablet

Ubisoft Blacklist Aeroplane and Swag for the Best Game Hack [Ubisoft]

Design the best game hack and you'll be eligible for an amazing prize pack by Ubisoft.