UBS Paymit Challenge

Dare, Share, Have Fun!


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Ever stuck on what to do over the weekend? UBS Paymit Challenge is an app that allows you to collect money for you and your friends or families to make your wishes come true. By challenging your friends or families to accomplish fun activities. You and your friends or families will add money to a collective pot to enter the challenge. When the accumulated money reaches a predefined goal, let's say, going to theatre, the money will be processed to actually buy the tickets of the movie that you and your friends or families wanted to watch. The number of challenges are unlimited - be daring, share and have fun! You can invite anyone from facebook, mobile contact and many more... At the end, some of you might pay for your friends or families' tickets, depending on how you did on the challenges. UBS Paymit Challenge will increase the usage of the current UBS Paymit app and attracts a range of new customers from a wide range of age group, especially the Millennians by offering our new and potential customers a fun and creative way to use banking.


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