Technologies Used

ASP.NET MVC Framework
Windows Azure

Project Team

Louis Michael Concepcion
Dominic Tuazon
Kyle Abughanem
Mic Gutierrez

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Tusk is an online market where users can post any kind of digital task they need to get done, and others can place bids to execute it either individually or as a team. These tasks can range from simple tasks such as encoding, language translation, or visual design, up to bigger, complex tasks such as app development and complex programming. Task Owners, or users who wish to create tasks, simply need to give a brief description what they want to get done and their working timeline, list down the skills (called Tusks) he/she requires to execute it, and give an estimate of their budget. Task Hunters, or users who wish to offer their services, can bid either as individuals or as teams to perform the task. Task Owners will be able to see all Hunter bids, their Tusk Ratings (our own feedback rating system), and of course, their bid price, and select from them accordingly. Task Hunters, on the other hand, start out as individuals bidding for simpler tasks, or join teams for more complex tasks. With each successful task performed, Owners are obliged to give feedback Tusk Ratings to the Hunters (i.e. Encoding Tusk, Visual Design Tusk, Programming Tusk, etc.). Once a Hunter has gained enough Tusk, he/she will be allowed to become a Task Alpha, or a team leader, and make his/her own team. This allows him/her to bid on more complex tasks—effectively improving the quality of execution and commanding a higher price for it. Tusk ultimately aims to create a venue for people to source out their digital needs, no matter how big or small they are.


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