Service which allows finding perfect travel partners on a journey.



Technologies Used

Ruby on Rails
Facebook Open Graph

Project Team

Alok Shankar
Developer Designer Entrepreneur
Ramesh Arvind

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


What do most people do when they travel? Most just stick to themself and conveniently forget the sea of humanity that travels along with them and lose opportunities to socialise with people that travel along with them. We want to change the way people travel. Based on the data we obtain from a prospective traveller's social networks, We want to match the traveller with a person who he is travelling with based on their interests, allowing them to meet like minded people and help them beat the boredom of travel. In a world where communication and socializing is mostly done on electronic media, This will help people make new connections more organically. We plan to implement this as an API that travel/logistic companies can integrate with their products. Every ticket booking site implements a seat selection UI, something like this ( Our API will come in before rendering this view. This allows for many applications not limited to: 1.Finding new friends organically instead of being limited to social networking based friend suggestions. 2.Allow people to possibly make new buisness connections based on other professional public profiles submitted(Linkedin,StackOverflow etc.) 3.Allow people to actually do preparation to have conversations with people with no common interests i.e improve their communication/social skills. The API is provided with a list of all seats and the Facebook (and maybe more) profile of the people who have already booked tickets. Based on this data, The API would return compatibility values for a user for all the unoccupied seats and data about seats that are occupied which the travel site can incorporate into their seat selection UI. Source for the API: