E21-02: Toy Friend

Interactive toy which connects parents and children.



Technologies Used

Raspberry Pi

Project Team

Mallikarjun Reddy-SPHN
Rohith Sai-SPHN

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


E21-02__________ Sphoorthy Engineering College _________ Team details_________ 1) R.Rohith sai – rohithsairaghavaraju@gmail.com 8686831313 2) G.Kalyan kumar- kalyankalsh@gmail.com 7330768565 3) M.Mallikarjun –arjunreddy247@gmail.com 9000535366 _________________ Product name: Toy Friend ______ Description: A toy which enables parents to connect to their children in an interactive form. __________________ Problem solving: These days parents are busy with technical world, children miss their parents, they miss special needs. The special feelings and emotionally are being destroyed in children. These children are more vulnerable to other needs. Children get attracted to electronic gadgets which might be hazardous. So we are designing a product which looks like a toy and connects to parents. Mobile application is used by parents to interact with children. _____________________ Authentication reports: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/aug/16/children-disabilities-special-needs-mumsnet-campaign http://time.com/3849027/new-parents-spend-less-time-looking-after-kids-than-they-think/ ______________ User Survey only problem: S.no Name occupation review 1 Ashok Teacher I can’t be in touch with my child during working days. 2 Radha Finance Would like to know my children activities 3 Chandu techie Like to communicate with my child but can’t give mobile to him. 4 Vimala House wife Target audience: • Working employees • Kids Key features: o Voice messaging o Attractive design o User friendly Justification of solution: http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/spending_quality_family_time_together_is_very_important http://www.familyfacts.org/briefs/15/a-wise-investment-benefits-from-families-spending-time-together Survey with solution: S.no Name Occupation review 1 Satya narayana Private employee Nice but usage of internet 2 Vishal rao NTV employee Is it user friendly 3 Raghavendra Reddy Bank employee It is use full for his kids. Interesting too. 4 Dinesh Reddy Business How long battery going to work. 5 Ramya House wife Nice, ready to buy it. 6 Madhavi House wife Make sure toy won’t break when child throws it. 7 Vidyalakshmi Techie Don’t make it complex and why don’t you give other features. Competition: Toymail - http://toymail.co/ cost – 79$ Cloud pets- https://cloudpets.com cost – 40$ How different from other solutions: o Child abuse detection o Free to use Cost: o Very low when compared to other – Rs.2500 Toys size is very important in our product:15X12X10 cm Technology: o Raspberry pi o Android o Recorder o Playback speaker Architecture: Technical components: o Raspberry pi o Android o USB microphone sound card o 3.5 jack speakers o Piezo buttons o Transistor BC547 o Power bank o Bread board o Female to female o Male to female Strategy to get first 10 customers: o Order in bulk for less prize. o Stores near to schools. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2O4n3m1GLC7cTVMdUFzYXRBOVk&usp=sharing


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