To Yo Auto Friend

Redefining Cars by Reinventing Mobility and putting a face on it.

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'Sorry, Fido -- man's best friend may be his Toyota!' Cars have always been a close contender for being man's best friend. They have kept us safe, quickened our pulses, made us grin ear to ear and have time and again, whisked us off from places where we don't want to be. And most of us have responded by having an emotional connection with our cars - who hasn't talked to "her" from time to time as if "she" could listen? In the coming months and years, they will get even smarter and will appear to be capable of many more such feats and advances, helping us get to our destinations faster and safer. But we feel that the time has come for the car to respond to our flickers of anthropomorphism to earn the moniker of 'Man's best friend' once and for all. Beyond endearment, research - - has found that humans will be more willing to adapt to these upcoming connected and autonomous technologies enough to use them as long as they can be tricked into thinking that the technology has a humanlike mind. Subjects in simulated tests driving a 'voiced vehicle' rated it as having a more humanlike mind. They reported that their car seemed smarter, better able to anticipate what was coming and to plan a route. Second, and more important, drivers reported trusting the voiced car more to drive safely, had lower heart rates while sitting behind the wheel, and even blamed "her" less if/when the car encountered a simulated accident. This phenomenon has been demonstrated in other hi-tech domains as well: iPhone users who reported using their voiced assistant, Siri, had waited longer to upgrade to a new phone -- replicating the plot of the film Her; well, you wouldn't just throw away a good friend and replace her with a new one. The crux is to design the in-car IVI technology to make it appear mindful. Technology changes far more rapidly than the brains of those who use it. Trick brains adapted to living in the Stone Age to think of a machine as they would a human being, and they will start treating it like one. A device that gives us just a glimmer of thought might just be one we can trust.