AT&T Developer Program - Best use of AT&T API's

Two $500 cash prizes for best use of AT&T API's

Gracenote Context-Aware Radio

Over half of all music listening happens in the car, even though music choices are still mostly confined to AM/FM radio and CD's. As the car becomes more and more connected, the possibilities for music in the car become limitless. We challenge the hackers to use the Gracenote music recognition, discovery, and personalization APIs at to build a revolutionary context-aware music experience in the connected car.

Our recently released Rhythm API ( allows you to create personalized radio channels based on Artist, Track, Genre, Mood or Era. Coupling this with vehicle sensor data (for instance, from Mojio's API could create automatic playlists based on driving style or other control signals. You could also build the perfect road trip playlist by using local information and driving directions (for instance, from Hertz devices and Neverlost apps

You can also use our music recognition APIs to analyze your music collection, then build up a personal taste profile, which you can use to personalize the music experience in rental cars wherever you go, or to help find music that will satisfy everyone in the car. And of course to make listening and driving safer by using our Mood Grid technology, along with speech technologies (like those from AT&T

Hertz Best Business/Leisure Travel App

Business/Leisure Travel App: Develop an app specifically for the Hertz in-car screen that adds value to someone on either a business or a leisure trip. Suggested functions would be greater levels of personalization including recommended points of interest, personal media selection, calendar integration, business productivity tools, social integration and others. Feel free to propose applications which require changes to offline practices or back end systems to accommodate.

Hertz Best Business Model Challenge

It used to be thought that the car rental was the last stop in the mind of the travel planner. Not so any longer. Propose an integration of Hertz and one or more alternative transportation providers in the black car, taxi, peer to peer, or ride sharing spaces along with specific use cases. For example, in Austin during SXSW, it is conceivable that ride sharing might overlap with car rental since many people are going to approximately the same place from the airport.

Hertz + Mojio Combined Prize

Develop the best integration of the Mojio OBD device and either the Hertz customer experience. This can be an integration with the Hertz smartphone/tablet app or it could be a suggested implementation with a fixed, in-car, Hertz screen. Areas to focus on would be the pickup and return experiences. Problem areas for Hertz to solve would include physically closing out the rental and communication of the fuel level at multiple points in the trip.

Mojio Fun Challenge

This challenge is about reducing the monotony of driving. On a road trip? What if your mojio app could highlight historical places of interest as you drive?

Mojio Social Challenge

This challenge is about connecting you to other drivers, friends or family. Don’t carpool? Need a ride? Ask a friend who’s already on their way there.