Only the "Donation Early Bird - Includes In-House Participation" & "Donation - Includes In-House Participation" tickets  allow in-house participation.

You will need to bring your own equipment.

In-House Teams can be composed by 5-6 people maximum.

People can  remotely collaborate with the in-house participants (we would need you to let us know you are participating) and the 'hybrid teams' will still be eligible to win the prizes

Remote participants (offsite), will have the chance to send us two links, one to the blog/dev diary/livestream and the other to the game; we'll make a section in The London Game Jam website.

Only the in-house participants or 'hybrid teams' will be able to win prizes

We will hold a social at the Translate bar after the game jam, if you did not manage to get a ticket on time, you can always pop around for a drink and a chat!

The location does not have its own PCs, so you will need your own laptop/tablet, adaptors and pens and whatever else you may need!

The Windows prizes will go to the best game/app made for Windows 8/Windows Mobile/Microsoft Kinect (they may be split in first, second, third place).

The game jam will have a theme which will be decided on the day of the jam

Participants can create the app/game for the whole duration of the jam (even when Modern Jago shuts for the night)

It would be best if you prepared your computers before joining the jam (install everything you need, make sure you have all the assets you may need)  since we are in 60 the connection may be limited.