Teller App

Crowdsourced ATM for women & developing communities.



Technologies Used

Python Flask
MasterCard MoneySend
MasterCard Card Mapping Service

Project Team

Amy Slawson

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


For those in rural areas of the world, banks and ATMs are not always readily available, and a trip to one may be costly, time consuming, and dangerous. In recent times, implementations of mobile money exchange in such areas has alleviated some of the issues in improving timely payments and secure means of money storage. Particularly, women are positively effected as they are often the ones staying in the village managing finances for the family while husbands may be working outside the community, and mobile money exchange and banking gives them more financial power. While banks have been able to work with some villages in setting up tellers at local shops (M-Pesa, Pafupi) this method requires implementation overhead on the bank's end and although the system has proven to work, they cannot possibly reach every rural area and village. How are citizens to readily deposit and withdraw funds? We introduce Teller, the web and mobile application that matches up user's ATM needs to withdraw cash and those wanting to store it safely in their accounts. Furthermore, if one user is making the distant trip to an ATM or bank, Teller can be used to organize exchanges for many users at once. Teller leverages the cash flow needs of rural communities to create a seamless experience where users can satisfy a withdrawal or deposit from their neighbors and close community. M-Pesa: Pafupi: