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About this event

TDHack is a hackathon that brings together entrepreneurs, developers, and designers in Israel to work on innovative projects and new ideas for a fun competition.

More details:

Are you ready to show off your skills?

If you've never been to a hackthon, get ready for a fast-paced and exciting 2 days of hacking with smart and interesting people. TDHack is an event to meet others and talk about your out-of-the-box project ideas, form teams, and then actually build a working demo all within 2 days! It can be your "next big thing" business idea or just a cool demonstration of a new (and hopefully useful) technology. The best projects will win some amazing prizes on top of the reputation of being awarded most innovative, most fun or most useful, among others.

Tell me more!

The entire event is graciously put together by Telefonica Digital and the wonderful Sponsors. They will be bringing experienced representatives that will help you think about, curate, mold, and refine your ideas. That's not all, they will stick around to help you code, and sponsors will have their own giveaways and gifts for attendees.

What do I need?

Register above to get yourself a ticket. All you need is your ideas and a laptop to build it on. You can come with friends and work together as a team or you can meet new people to work with. Don't worry about food and drinks during the entire event. We will provide meals and late night snacks to keep the energy and coding going.


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