Automated Pharmacy Vending Machine Platform

Las Vegas


Technologies Used

mastercard API

Project Team

David Hartmann
Entrepreneur Developer
Ryan Pineo
Entrepreneur Designer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Django Code: https://github.com/silverlogic/money2020-2016-api iOS Code: https://github.com/silverlogic/SpinDrift_iOS APIs: MasterCard Vending Long Description (sorry I have no idea how to format indentation in this editor) ***** TapPharmacy is a iOS app that locates and pairs with vending machines offering emergency over-the-counter medication and personal care products in public spaces like airports, hotels, and college campuses, items provided as part of outreach initiatives in disadvantaged areas, and prescription medications in stores that wish to cut down on customer wait times. ***** The app allows the user to search for a specific product or for machines by location and type. The user selects an item and confirms payment to receive if over-the-counter, and if prescription, adds unique ID assigned upon filling and date of birth to confirm identity. ***** Rx machines is stocked with prescriptions for customers who opt-in for the service. When the user refills a prescription, the retail pharmacy staff complete the order, affix a barcode containing customer info, and drop the item into a tamper-proof slot in the rear of the machine to be scanned for location upon dispensing request. ***** The customer enters the store, pairs the app and is told an order is ready. The machine displays the first letter of the medication name and requires date of birth to be entered to confirm. The customer then taps ‘pay’ and the transaction is completed using stored payment method. Receipt is sent via email and the app backend communicates the payment confirmation to the pharmacy’s system. ***** Over-the-counter smart machines are strategically located in underserved areas, partnering with NGOs like the Partnership for a Tobacco-Free America and other harm reduction organizations to provide reliable, interaction-free access to potentially live-saving items like smoking cessation products, condoms, clean syringes, etc. TapPharmacy allows the advocacy group to offer a low-cost item for free after watching a brief PSA. A major advantage with vending machines is anonymity -- pilot studies have shown high adoption rates with harm reduction items both through effective video and automated dispensing.


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