A ML+AR psychic genie of a personal shopping assistant turned lifestyle designer

Las Vegas


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Project Team

Yosun Chang
Developer Designer Entrepreneur Investor

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Product Manager Investor


Tantalize is a magical personal shopping assistant in the guise of an intuitive lifestyle consultant. I just bought a desk. It’s mostly empty except for the bare necessities - chairs and a laptop. As you can see… I also started shopping for open-ended things, such as decorations to put on my desk. For clarity, the things I already have are shown in the real life photo. The things that I don’t have yet, Tantalize magically materializes for life-size 3D augmented reality previews that works on any phone. It’s kind of like teleportation. Tantalize Platform recommends interesting products to me like a personal assistant who actually knows me. As a result, instead of wasting time and resources shopping online at home, I get more time to enjoy myself to browse through just a few variations to fine-tune exactly what I like. Not only do I get life-size previews through augmented reality that works on any cell phone… When I find something I like…. I can simply click to buy to go through Visa Checkout! I believe the future of urban mobility is about the intersection of convenience to shop at home in a seamless, frictionless way that can even tickle the user’s fancy. Tantalize.


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