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Online assessment, of professional skills among students and employees working in several organisation that are utilising IT solutions is important now a days. Day to day innovative technologies and tools are coming into market updated very quickly. The students and employees who are working in IT sector check their skills day to day and update the technologies is necessary. E – Learning tool provides a platform for learning, Practicing, online assessment, e – certification, knowledge sharing and hiring. E-Learning already of two types i.e., viewing videos and online assessment. There is a need to introduce a new technique that can accommodate both of the above. Objectives of the Project E – Learning Tool provides a platform for learning, online assessment, e – certify, knowledge sharing and hiring. 1. Learning: This tool provides huge resources for learning computer technologies in online like content reading, download pdf, ppt, etc., and videos from social websites (Plug and Play). 2. Online Assessment : The assessment of skills is in different ways like multiple choice questions with single answer, multiple choice questions with multiple answers, true or false, compressive type of questions, matching type of questions, data sufficiency, programming, English audio and typing test etc., Evaluation Procedure: a. Each question carries 2 or 3 mins of time for answering the question based on the complexity time is given. b. At the time of test no refresh, back tracking of questions. c. Each assessment, negative marking for each wrong answer. d. Pass mark for each assessment is 80%. If the candidate getting >80 and <=90 Bronze Medal If the candidate getting >90 and <=95 Silver Medal If the candidate getting >95 and <=100 Gold Medal e. Maximum 3 changes for passing the each assessment. f. Gap between re – writing the assessment is 15 days. g. If candidate passed the exam then rank will be generate rank using one efficient Rank algorithm. 3. E – Certify: If the candidates passes the test certification takes place online and that is valid for 2 years. 4. Hire IT: Based on the performance the profiles will be sent to HRs in for providing Jobs or Hike the salary. 5. Knowledge Sharing: this is simply the blog or social networking porn to share the new things, raise the questions and chat with other persons etc., The web portal provides services to improve the knowledge and skills required for future IT employees.


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