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My app replaces almost every physical object needed when conducting traditional business. It can be used by either merchants or consumers.If you can get a camera with internet, you can do anything anyone else can with just these things. It works by associating unique barcodes/qr codes with products , consumers, and merchants . By associating all physical things with a unique ID, there is no reason to have to carry those things with us . Merchants can maintain their inventory ,generate their own invoices, track consumer purchasing habits - all just by scanning a barcode with their phone. Consumers can leave their wallets at home , make purchases without ever having to stand in line , and would never need to carry another physical receipt again . scenario : customer with payment linked to his phone and a barcode reader goes shopping at a store set up with Store-E. Upon arriving at the store he scans the stores unique QR code to directs payments for purchases to the store. While shopping for items he simply scans the barcodes on the items to finalize the purchase. A virtual receipt is generated and records are sent to both merchant and shopper . DONE. No need to carry a wallet, no need for a mass of check-stand workers, no waiting in lines.