Emergency service revolution through wearable technology



Technologies Used

Bluetooth LE
Audio Module
User Analytics
Parse+Heroku (New)
Objective C

Project Team

Simon Bessey

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Product Manager Investor


The medical field has been run in a very traditional way for centuries. As such, not much innovation has occurred in terms of the way it operates. My project attempts to change this, starting with emergency services. 33 million people had a stroke in 2010 and approximately 800k people suffer from a stroke annually in the USA with one occurring every 40 seconds. 70% of these victims are over the age of 65 and as a lot of elderly people are at home, we’re left with a huge amount of people alone and vulnerable. Any caretaker will tell you that the worrying never stops; If a medical emergency occurs, these people will be in a lot of danger, unable to get help and left on the floor for hours while their condition deteriorates. I believe that the current system for obtaining help sucks; why is it that the person undergoing a medical emergency has to be the one to seek help? Today, it's easy to share just about anything you want and even easier to get a message across to people. This has worked brilliantly for the social aspect of our lives but I feel like we’ve left out this connectivity when it comes to healthcare. It is absolutely absurd to me that people in today’s world can suffer a stroke or an epileptic fit and find themselves on the floor for hours. My mission is to connect people to health care through wearable technology that gets patients help quicker and more efficiently than ever possible. My project is the software side of a wrist-worn device that monitors a variety of body indicators to provide specific and continuous medical diagnosis. This allows us to know when a patient needs emergency care so we can get them help in the fastest and most effective way. The device works through Bluetooth low energy with geolocation and iBeacon technology to provide accurate positioning. During the 24 hours, I made two apps; one for the user and another for the paramedics team which, would be using this tech to get them help. It gives them the user's information such as their blood type so we can user scarce resources more effectively and the threat level depending on symptom analysis so that they know how to prioritize reliably. A lot of change is required in the medical field and I believe that this could be a true product and step in the right direction.