Spot Me in Real Time & Get Rewarded

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Erik Medina
Catherine Rhee

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>>> SPOTTER a person who contributes when someone is in need. >>>SPOT ME Slang for "lend me," as in money or other goods. >>>>>>>>>> We all have been short on cash/money at one point or another in our life. This can happen for various reasons. FOR BUSINESSES: Having customers who want to purchase, but realize they don't have the funds available right then and there to close the sale can be awkward. Don't let that happen to you. Let SPOTTER help your customer to get spotted from their network. You can offer their "Spotters" rewards/offers/deals for spotting. FOR EXAMPLE: I had been looking for a special wedding gift for my best friend for weeks until I had stumbled on to the perfect gift at an art festival. The artists was only taking cash due to the card reader, WiFi being down and no battery on his phone. I just did not expect to find the perfect gift, so did not anticipate to pulling out a lot of cash. SPOTTER lets you: 1) send out requests to your friends, family or others via social media in real time to transfer immediately using SPARK PAY 2) chat or message real time 4) tracking people who spot money and compensating them with coupons or promotional deals, which promotes the original business. 5) easy payback tracking feature encourages accountability of spotter lending 6) review/rating system to showcase reliable people to lend or give to. PRIMARILY, SPOTTER app helps small businesses by adding otherwise lost sales while simultaneously promoting the business and product to a social network of their consumer. SPOTTER will help people know who is really going to pay them back and will increase the amount of times you get paid back. For those who are not concerned with repayment of the money they spot, it is a way to give to people in need.