Toilet Butler, or Buttons! Everywhere, or Pet laser

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Pamela Kinnaird
Developer Designer

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. Toilet Butler - have you ever gone to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and almost fallen in because someone else (or maybe even you) left the seat up? Or, have you ever run out of toilet paper and resort to..ouch.. paper towels because no one took the RESPONSIBILITY to buy extra TP? Toilet Butler is here to help! The first version of TB comes with a sensor to detect the seat position and uses bluetooth or nRF24 or RFID technology and WIFI to detect and notify the culprit (via SMS) to please put the seat down after use (subsequent warnings may not be so polite). TB also comes with a configurable button which can be placed next to the TP roll - when an authorized user notices low TP levels, they get the satisfaction of pushing the button, knowing that a new set of TP will be on it's way to their doorstep via Amazon, Google shopping, or Task Rabbit. 2. Buttons! Everywhere - People love pushing buttons, especially if they don't know what they're for, or if they have personally configured them to order a pizza or TP on demand! Buttons! Everywhere will come in various sizes and colors, enabling the artist, the prankster and the DIY'er to engage with their environments in new ways. Each button will (eventually) be self contained with wifi, bluetooth and a power source and individually configurable via a user-friendly mobile app - no programming knowledge necessary. 3. Pet laser - want to play with your dog or cat while you're away? Pet laser will allow you to connect with your pet via laser - you'll have a wifi enabled controller, which will send signals to a wifi/servo enabled low-power laser at your house. Webcam monitoring is not included but highly recommended!