Social Mix

Mix of multiple social networking chat platform



Technologies Used

bluemix Node-red

Project Team

Alex Ayi
Entrepreneur Developer
Kevin Wang
Jim Peng
Alex Su
Jeremy Hsu

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Our lives are filled with all kinds of social media -- facebook, whatsapp, line, wechat … etc. Everyone has his/her favorite social platform and asking them to switch platform is a very costly operation, that is why we are introducing Social Mix today. Social mix is a Wootalk (吾聊) like application that builds on top of existing platforms like facebook, line and other social media’s user bases. It enables users to freely interact with anyone regardless of the platform that they are using. Just by adding our official Social Mix bot on each respective social network, the user immediately gains the ability to connect with millions of other people. Social Mix is the portal to this open world, it matches users based on each customer’s preferences, whether it be on genders, ages, or geographical locations. After the matching process begins, two random users are allowed to talk to each other for an indefinite time -- until one of the user ends the conversation. Then the entire matching process repeats, allowing users to repeatedly meet strangers that might meet his/her preferences. Since Social Mix serves as the man in the middle only, we do not have much maintenance cost. Our users also don’t have to learn any new software, the learning cost of using our product is zero. Our product enables us to easily gather huge amount of user data without spending a fortune. This big data of social personas that we gathered has a huge value for other companies that have serious interest in consumer social needs.