Smoke and Mirrors

A playful installation with motorised mirrors and projected light



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Project Team

Gerred Blyth
Designer Entrepreneur

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Product Manager Investor


Just an idea, really. Just as happy to help with another established project. If we did 'Smoke and Mirrors', I can contribute the projection aspect and the content. And a smoke machine. My initial idea would be to have a series of small mirrors reflecting thin light beams from a projector and bouncing them around a smoke cloud. Ideally I would want to collaborate with someone who can produce the motorised mirror panels. Would be ever better if someone could do properly generative light from a projector, my fall back would be video loops and simple control of their XY coordinates. Would love to hear ideas about how/why the light beams or mirrors move - maybe reactive to audience? Hook it into a Kinect? Or just random? Could also have a brilliant soundscape component if someone wanted to look at that...? The name 'Smoke and Mirrors' of course is based on the theme of Trickery. The photo attached is just something I found on Google.