an app for helping you to find the perfect toilet nearby


Technologies Used

Ionic Framework
Python Flask

Project Team

Pascal RENOU
Entrepreneur Investor
Sven Eliasson
Dominik Pfister
Designer Entrepreneur
Tanya Nicollo
Developer Designer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


You are in a new area and you have to do what a person has to do once in a while. You - NEED - a bathroom. And you have no idea where to find one which doesn't make you sick. We built an app which helps you and the owner of the public toilet. You can find a bathroom close to you and see how user rated it. But that would be too simple - there is more, the bathroom can get an IoT air quality sensor, and also a presence sensor for a better accurate rating, occupancy status and cleaning service. We use low price air quality sensor which measure the smell level of the bathroom. The production cost of the hardware solution stands for less than USD 6. The owner of the bathrooms just have to plug in this module and connect it to a local wifi network (or a mobile network), It will make that toilet "public" to everyone and it will give to the owner a warning message if the toilet is in a bad condition, in order to fix that and avoid bad reputation. Restaurants, Cafes, who are willing to attract more clients can apply for the sensor module option. On the other side, the user can see, in addition to user rating, a realtime view if the toilett is really in a good condition, and not in peak occupancy time - so is a win-win solution for both sides. A nice small feature - the QR code of the app is printed on the sensor module so everyone can get it when passing by ;)


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