SmartPay System

Pay utility bills over MasterCard



Technologies Used

embedded c/c++
MasterCard SimplifyCommerce

Project Team

Hnin Yu Shwe
Khaing Win Mar

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


<< System Overview >> Our SmartPay solution is designed to overcome the problem of manually pay the utility bills (such as Electricity, Mobile & broadband) for busy people especially housewives from their day-to-day activities. It provides the smartest way to pay your utility bills with your MasterCard. Using SmartPay, you can see your real-time power consumption instantaneously. You can set your limits for the maximum amount to be paid on your utility bills through SmartPay’s settings. SmartPay also makes you ensure that you pay your bills on time every month to avoid overdue charges. In addition, payment history is kept in order to allow you adjust your limit from your usage behavior. << System Flow >> In this project, we setup electricity power meter simulator which simulates the electricity energy usage of the smart home and sent those energy consumption data to server instantaneously. At the server side, we perform some necessary calculations to convert the raw data to engineering units (kWh) and store in the database. We implement iPhone application which fetch the data from Server which is having stored meter value using RESTful web service. The application provides the user to get useful information of current energy consumption of his/her home.  <<Front end - iPhone Application>> Register - User is able to register in the application using mobile number or email address. Card details of bank account (MasterCard) will also be asked for paying bill through the application. Login - Registered user can login the application and view the current power consumption of his/her home and manage his consumption in order to save the Electricity bill. Smart Home with electricity energy meter that can send updated energy value (i.e; power consumption of home) to the database server. The proposed system will be able to track the real updated data of “Mobile Bill”, “Electricity Bill”, “Broadband Bill”. But, the current system is able to make only “Electricity Bill” in real time fetching data from the server instantaneously. Through the application settings, the user can set the limit of all types of bill; Electricity, Broadband, Mobile. The user will get notification when electricity consumption is about to reach the preset limit.  The application is implemented using MasterCard APIs like “Simplify Commerce” in order to allow the  user to pay the bill through the application. As a requirement of Simplify Commerce SDK, the application will get access to MasterCard Simplify Server through Simplify application server.  User is able to view bill payment history in order to track electricity usage of his/her home.  Using Simplify Commerce by MasterCard, it makes developers to easy connection with their simplify accounts to the application. This is the best development sdks for Payment industry.