An app that lets users verify the identity of the person who approaches them for donation.

Kuala Lumpur


Technologies Used

Mobile application

Project Team

Yk Poh
Developer Entrepreneur
Kwan Ng
Designer Entrepreneur
Ryunosuke Kikuchi

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Problem: People tend to be skeptical when people go to them and ask for donation into their NGO organization or charity centre due to not knowing whether this person is really coming from NGO or charity centre and whether their money will be used for good cause. Proposed Solution: 1. Work with local NGO organization or charity centre to register their detail as well as the information of their staff necessary for the identity verification process. 2.When NGO volunteers or staff go out to collect donation from public, they can either bring along an id card or a smartphone device installed with out app to help verify their identity. 3. Potential donor uses our app to scan the unique barcode displaying on id card or staff's smartphone in our app. 4. If identity existed in the database, it sent back "matched", then show his or her identity, then showed what this money will be used and relevant details. Otherwise, it returned "unknown individual". 5. Then, user can either choose to donate cash or through electronic transfer(optional). 6. Everyone is happy. I need feedback or suggestion on this idea!!! Please leave a message either in the comments or directly to me if you have any suggestion or even critics on this idea. Your participation is highly appreciated!!!