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Pasindu Perera
Developer Designer Entrepreneur
Sajini De Silva

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Product Manager Investor


This is a virtual desktop that can have multiple screen based on the workstations or application windows on your machine around you in a virtual environment. Setup Instructions - Install the chrome addon - Browse the url shown on the addon from the phone - Setup your work station (optional) - Work :) Required Hardware - Chrome browser - Firefox support is on the way - Google cardboard or similar device Features - Switching between workstations / screens is just turning the head around. - All screens are Virtual --> Private (Only you can see them) - Environmental distractions are minimum. You wont see any of them. - Cost Effective and scalable. Only cost to an additional screen is the limit of your view port. - Your customized workstation is unified everywhere. Whether you work in your office or home or even a train station. All the screens will be there as it is. - Working environment is fully customizable. You can work in the middle of a galaxy or in a river bank while you are physically at a coffee shop. - Screen scaling and positioning is one click away. No need to manually setup your perfect workstation with screens aligned together. (And no borders on the screen as well) Use case 1: If you are a sports fan you can stream the matches in a side while you work on you are writing your boring essay. Its like you have a tv by your side. Use case 2: Monitor multiple screen at once. If you are a system admin you do not have to have multiple screens to look at all of stats at once. Use case 3: Chat while watching your favorite movie together.