E09-01 Smart Alarm

Alarm with logical, aptitude questions and puzzles


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Project Team

Kiran Gelli
Mounika Katepally

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Product Manager Investor


In the existing alarm, there is a flexibility of snoozing or switching the alarm off.For example If a person wants to study for exam in the morning, the drowsiness of the person makes him switch off the alarm or snooze it by which he fails to study for the exam.So we want to develop an android app which contains aptitude questions and puzzles which should be answered correctly inorder to switch off the alarm.The person can't even snooze it.The only option to switch it off is to answer the questions which makes his brain to work.Answering the questions reduces the drowsiness of the person so that he wakes up in time.He can select the number of aptitude questions to be popped up at the time of setting the alarm.This app mainly targets the students because they regret afterwards for not waking up in time during the time of exams. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9uXSgRK28NMNWZqU2QtNjVTVnc/view?usp=sharing