Simplified Banking Experience - Bring your Mobile to a Branch

Mobile App, NFC technology, Bank Teller System integration



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Alfredo Servilla
Designer Entrepreneur

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Bring the Mobile to a Branch! this solution builds a link between branch banking and Mobile; Assumption are: 1) Introducing a NFC console/Device, integrated with banking system; 2)Expand function of current bank's mobile App; 3)Integration NFC and new function into existing banking front end (e.g. Teller's system) The Simplified Teller App's main goal is to improve the customer experience at the teller. As you will clearly see, this solution provides the following benefits: Speed - customer transactions at the teller are able to be processed faster Clarity - customer transaction instructions are clear The solution comprises of two main components: - The Simplified Teller Mobile App - The NFC Enabled teller console Using the Mobile App, the customer will log in to their RBC account. The customer can add their pre-requested transactions. They would simply: -choose the Branch they are planning to go -choose their account (use chequing) -choose the transaction type (use withdrawal) -set the amount - (use $2000 as example. Explain max withdrawal limit) -click Add You can see that transaction has been added to the transaction list. You can add multiple transactions to the request, but we'll just do one for now. When you are done, simply click Submit and the request is sent to RBC's services. As you can see, the Teller's Console (specific to that Branch's view) have added your request in Pending status. You are prompted by the App to go to that branch and to complete the transactions. Once you enter the Branch and go to the Teller, you tap your phone on the teller's NFC enabled console. The NFC processor receives the Authorized request and the teller simply reviews the transactions and manually processes them. Once complete, the teller changes the Status to Complete and says, "Thank you, will that be all for today?" This solution will greatly increase the speed of some of the longer transactions such as: -withdrawing amounts greater than $10000, which requires the user to fill out a form. With this solution, the user can fill out the form prior to going to the Branch (show example on the App) You can imagine how much time that will save for the teller, client, and the other clients in line. Again, for clarity, the users will know exactly what they need to complete the request and this will lessen their frustration. Speed. Clear instructions to the customer. Clear instructions to the teller. A Simplified Teller Experience.