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  • Saturday
  • 10:00am -- Coffee & Networking (Meet Potential Team Members!)
    11:00am -- Welcome, Registration & Logistics!
    Noon -- Lunch
    12:30pm -- Welcome
    1:00pm -- Tech Talk: "A brief but fun history of hardware!" by Julia Grace, Tindie Head of Engineering
    1:15pm -- Remarks from our sponsors! -- Autodesk representatives and Sukrutha Raman Bhadouria, Salesforce Senior Member of Technical Staff
    1:30pm -- Tech Talk: "What's In The Box!" by Nick Avgerinos, Hackbright Academy Instructor
    2:00pm -- Hackathon Starts - Teams receive hardware boxes!
    8:00pm -- GO HOME!

  • Sunday
  • 10:00am -- Breakfast
    11:00am -- Hack!
    1:00pm -- Lunch & Tech Talk: "The Hardware Fun Continues!" by Elecia White, Author of O’Reilly’s Making Embedded Systems
    2:00pm -- Hack!
    5:00pm -- Presentations & Prizes
    6:00pm -- GO HOME!



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