Shopping Battle

Players scramble in shopping mall

Hong Kong


Technologies Used

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Project Team

Daniel Chan
Josie Tam
Kin Leung
Henry Lau
Doris Lau

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Product Manager Investor


Shopping Battle is a multiplayer competition game. It is an interactive strategy game, but still simple and can easily manipulate. Game Rules Each player is assigned with 3 commodities they have to purchase from a shopping mall. In each round, the player who first completes the purchase wins. For the rest (players), they will lose a life by system removing 1 heart from three. And the final survivor becomes the game winner. Each player has to navigate in the shopping mall and choose a floor to start their shopping journey. However, in each purchase, they can only pick 1 item and, only 3 purchases in total are allowed. To increase the competition among multiple players, different players might have same target commodity, however inventory in store is always one. Players have to compete for that commodity. The game involves both strategic and psychological elements. As the game goes on, each player starts to figure out what their competitors are looking for, and should stop them from successful purchase. This involves understanding the floors competitors have visited, using power-up wizards to add barriers to competitors during their purchase. It just aims to stop others (competitors) from winning. The power-up wizards include, - Hire spy to peep at others’ basket. - Steal commodity from others - Place banana skin on floor More powerful items show up at the climax of the game, such as “the tackle” to make all inventory items to fell out of the pockets, “force trade” to break the domination of a player, and even earthquake to shuffle all the goods in the building. The core mechanic of the game is expandable, so as the power-ups. The space for designing the power-ups and strategy is infinite. The demo of the game demonstrates a complete game flow and the winning condition of a round. Let’s enjoy the journey!.