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About this event

To foster knowledge transfer and technology exchange, Cyberport and Shanghai’s Knowledge and Innovation Community will co-host the Shanghai-Hong Kong Hackathon 2014 from 28 Feb to 2 March. The event will take place simultaneously in the two cities with a live video link between the sites so hacking teams can synchronize their efforts.

Theme for this year’s event is “Smarter Life”, with winners receiving fabulous awards and being nominated to attend an International Hackathon to be held in Hong Kong during April.

If you are a Hacker, Programmer, Product Manager or Entrepreneur with an idea for a development project and an interest in cross-border collaboration, join us NOW!. You might even meet your future partners.

為了促進香港與上海之間知識和技術交流, 香港數碼港、上海創智天地及TopGeek聯手主辦「2014滬港黑客馬拉松」, 於2 月 28 日 — 3 月 2 日進行上海和香港同步舉行,兩地將進行現場直播。

今年的題目是「智慧生活」。得獎者 除了獲得豐富獎品之外,還有機會被提名參與今年四月於香港舉行的國際黑客馬拉松。

如果你是 Hackers、 程式師、 產品經理、 企業家有興趣去實踐原創概念,與沪港兩地交流,請即報名!你更有機會尋找到您未來的合作夥伴。


  • Home-1st
  • Prizes 獎品
  • A. Special Prize 4 Special Prizes will be awarded with fabulous cash prizes over HK$100,000 in total. ...



  • Friday
  • 06:00pm - 06:30pm Reception 06:30pm - 06:45pm Opening Ceremony 06:40pm - 07:50am HK-Shanghai Synchronous Live Broadcasting 07:50pm - 09:00pm Idea Presentation and Team Building

  • Saturday
  • 08:00am - 12:00pm Kick-off Program Development 12:00pm - 13:00pm Lunch 13:00pm - 18:00pm Program Development 18:00pm - 19:00pm Dinner 19:00pm - 22:00pm Program Development



1.Fresh Code We all start coding at the same time. You may prepare and work on your design, logo, wireframes, idea validation, digital mockups and etc, before the Hackathon. However, NO coding can...

1.Fresh Code We all start coding at the same time. You may prepare and work on your design, logo, wireframes, idea validation, digital mockups and etc, before the Hackathon. However, NO coding can be done beforehand, so that we can keep things fair.

新代碼 我們將在同一個時間開始編碼。在駭客馬拉松開始前,你們可以準備你們的設計、標誌、框架、概念驗證、數位模型等。但是,編碼不可以提前做,這樣才能保持公平。

2.Code Review Winning teams will be subject to a code-review at some point following the event. This will be to ensure everything was built at the Hackathon.

代碼審查 根據活動安排,主辦單位或將審查獲勝隊伍的代碼,以保證所有代碼都是在駭客馬拉松比賽期間創建的。

3.Ownership and IP Teams have full ownership of everything they build at Hackathon. You are free to do with it as you wish.

所有權和知識產權 參賽隊伍對於他們在駭客馬拉松比賽期間創建的一切擁有完整的所有權。你們可以根據自己的意願自由地使用。

4.Team Size You may join as individual or team up with others. Up to 5 team members are allowed.

團隊規模 你可以個人參賽或和其他人一起組隊參賽。參賽隊伍的最高人數限制為5人。

5.Submissions At the event each team will have to submit their software prototype by 13:00 on 2nd March.

提交 在活動中,每隊都必須在3月2日13:00提交軟體原型

6.DEMO your Hack You must demo your hack in order to present. Don’t be scared if you didn’t finish… it’s okay long as you tried your best.

演示程式 你必須演示你的程式來進行介紹。不允許使用幻燈片或PPT。如果你沒有完成也不要害怕……這沒關係,只要你盡了自己最大的努力。

7.Judging In Hong Kong, a judging panel consists of experts and representatives from our organisers and sponsors will be formed and select the winners of the Most Creative, Most Commercial Value and Highest Degree of Completion Awards at the end of the event.

評判 在香港,評審團將由專家及主辦方和贊助商的代表組成,活動結束時,將評選出最具創意、最具商業價值及最高完成度的獎項獲勝者。 Jointly presented by the organisers in Hong Kong and Shanghai, the “Internet Polling Award” will be rated and selected based on both the judging panel’s input and online public voting. 香港和上海的主辦方將共同根據評審團的意見及網上公眾投票結果,以甄選出“網絡評選獎”。

For details, please refer to the Shanghai’s partner’s website: 有關詳情,請參閱上海合作夥伴的網站: In case of disputes, the decision made by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited and Shanghai Knowledge Innovation Community will be final. 如有任何爭議,香港數碼港管理有限公司及上海創智天地保留最終決議權。