SafeWay - Your Path to Safety

Suggests Safe Routes to User



Technologies Used

Google Maps API
Google geocoding api

Project Team

Sarthak Aggarwal
Samarth Gupta
Dhruv Jain
Designer Developer
Mohammed Mohsin Hussain
Designer Developer
Nikhil Pandey

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


The crime rate is intensifying exponentially and thanks to the authorities, the implementation to ensure security for the people has been average. When a problem is so grave then solution to it is need of the hour. As of now, people do not have the required technology to ensure personal safety and this is where SafeWay comes into place. When it becomes so dangerous that people will have think twice before walking out, then not only the rights of the person is hampered but it then becomes a harrassment in itself. To ensure safety of the people, especially the women who travel alone for professional or personal reasons, we have built SafeWay. Many mobile applications like Panic button are available but there must be some reason behind the fact that implemenation among the masses wasnt that effective and people don't use it frequently. Our product, SafeWay which is a reinvented personal safety application which suggests safe routes to the user taking into consideration the most possible crime free route.(which is determined by analysing the CCTNS - Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems, India)


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