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Entrepreneur Developer

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Electronically stored data is currently susceptible to illegal modification for personal gain. This would include (but not limited to) modification of financial records, criminal records, medical records, or even government records. Such breaches can occur both internally and externally. Cyber security companies exist to prevent outside attackers from accessing your system, but what happens if they get in, or worse, someone inside your institution corrupts the system? According to the Report to the Nations 2016 Global Fraud Study more than 23% of occupational fraud cases resulted in a loss of at least $1 Million. The most fraud-afflicted region of the world was the Middle East and Africa with a median loss of $275,000, followed by western Europe and the Asia-Pacific Region. Total losses worldwide from just the 2,410 cases in the study exceeded $6.3 Billion. It is with these numbers in mind that governments and large enterprises must mind Benjamin Franklin’s famous axiom that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and consider the benefits of deploying SAAVHA database security. SAAVHA has created a blockchain solution to further enhance the security of your existing legacy database systems. Our SAAVHA secured archiver takes data from your existing system and creates a unique digital signature that is placed on a public blockchain. Because the signature is being place on a public blockchain, our processing takes extra care to remove any sensitive information that may be at risk should the public blockchain ever be able to be decrypted. Should the blockchain in use become defunct, it is not a problem. We can work with any blockchain. All your previous digital signatures are not lost either; a log receipt of the digital signature is provided to you, which can be placed on a new blockchain or passed through our auditing application for future analysis. Through the use of SAAVHA, you will not have to incur the added cost of replacing your existing legacy system and retraining your staff. All your current institutional processes function as usual. SAAVHA will enable your institution, whether a government, enterprise, or entity storing valuable data, to prevent fraud, save time, money and gain confidence that they have the increased security powered by a blockchain solution; all while ensuring your data stays private. Note: The team plans to use IPFS or another Ethereum-based decentralized file storage system. However, IPFS cannot currently ensure data/file privacy.


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