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Bring your own apps is the next wave in enterprise. It's the turn for employee to decide how to make use of technology to optimize her productivity for the benefit of the employer. Roadside Programming is a new business model and a platform for Roadside Customer (employee) to discover Roadside Programmer (developer) to solve a business problem via technology in 60 minutes at a fixed price HKD2,000.00. Anyone is welcome to be a Roadside Programmer in specific technical/business domain. The Roadside Programmer can make an announcement about her availability via the RP Apps at a given time period such 1300 - 1700 on 20 JUN at Starbuck HKU. Then, the Roadside Customer (RC) is required to meet the RP and present her problem precisely in 1 minute. The RP is required to propose a solution in 2 minutes. If both parties agreed to move forward, the RP is required to deliver a workable to solution in remaining 57 minutes. However, the RC has the right to accept/refuse the deliverable at the end. In other words, the Roadside Customer is not required to pay if the deliverable is not acceptable. Impact of this new disruptive business model to Programmer - better income, personal branding for programmer - IMO, a programmer should not working 7 x 24 - For a full-time Roadside Programmer, it is suggested to work less than 4 hours a day, 3 days a week. The general income is ~HKD600,000 per year (2,000 x 2 projects x 3 days per week x 52 weeks) - It is recommended to spend some time to learn new technical/business knowledge and enjoy her life with friends and family members instead of purely on job. - A Roadside Programmer needs to have a good problem solving, communication, system analysis and design, application development, product/cloud services, and project management skill, etc. Of course, general/specific knowledge in one or more business domains. She needs to declare relevant information in her profile honestly since user is heavily rely on those information to reach roadside programmer in person. - Since, the IP right is owned by 1) Roadside Programmer and 2) Roadside Customer, it means that the solution can be use, re-use, re-develop, re-sell to anybody without restriction. The RP may earn million or even billionaires of dollars via different means/channels after the roadside programming activities. Impact of Roadside Programming to Roadside Customer (user) - solve her business problem, better promotion chance and salary, more income because of selling the solution to other user or organization in the industry The roadside programming platform is a open and free services for Roadside Programmer and Roadside Customer. I may organize event to promote the services with co-working space, universities and government department in the 1st quarter 2016. How to sustain the business ? It is a project under Roadside Foundation. I do believe that major software vendors will donate sufficient fund to the Roadside Programming Initiative because we are promoting innovation, co-creation, startup, cloud service (to certain extend), better developer, better user/customer, adoption of new knowledge/idea/technology, etc.