Revelation Radio

Revelation Radio. Made for you. Streamlined.



Technologies Used

Ruby on Rails
Echo Nest API

Project Team

Raymond Jacobson
Developer Designer
Seth Drew

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Revelation Radio. Made for you. Streamlined. Inspiration. Music should be passive. It shouldn't be something you have to work for. In fact, why don't you let the people you trust do the work for you, and your friends! That's why we made Streamlined, fun radio and shared listening. What is Revelation Radio is a way to create your own radio station and share it with your friends. Simply make a station, drag-and-drop upload some songs, and anyone with the link can listen in. Best thing? Don't make an account. We hate that. We're all about saving you time (and energy) so you can enjoy the fun things in life - like sleeping, eating, and music! What makes stand out? There are only a handful of services on the internet that let you host your own radio station and they all suffer from over-complication, bulky animations, and login procedures. Revelation Radio is built with a "cut the crap" philosophy. We don't want you to sit on our home screen staring at the "register for an account" or "login with Facebook" buttons. We just want you to listen to and share your favorite tunes. It should be fun! Technologies. Revelation Radio is built using swagged out Ruby on Rails, jPlayer, some super chill HTML and CSS, and lots of food. We use some APIs too: Echo Nest and Amazon S3 (and we planned on using VoiceBunny for targeted ads and PayPal for station donations.) Looking forward . . . Revelation Radio is by no means over with the end of this hackathon. We definitely met a lot of out goals, but we also didn't nearly finish. This weekend got us a great foundation for this super fun project, and we can't wait to continue developing it! Monetization scheme: - Targetted ads based on mood music (see Echo Nest API and Voice Bunny) - Monetization through donations to stations (Pay Pal) - Reaching out to the indie music community to develop their presence.


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