Restaurant Queuing and Customer Engagement at the Point of Entry

San Francisco


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Benedict Chan
Caleb Chao
Joe Chee
Yang Shun Tay
Developer Designer

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With QueueForMe, restaurants can engage customers at the door. Instead of waiting in line, customers use their smartphones to tap on an NFC tag / scan QR codes and can start queuing online - all they need to fill in is the number of guests. The merchant can manage the queue from a tablet. They can page customers in advance and we send an app notification. As the people at the front of the line get seated, queueforme will provide the user with live updates on their position and also an estimated wait time based on the rate of past queues being fulfilled. Getting a status of the waiting time assures customers and makes the wait seem shorter. Other than saving customer's time, restaurants also can take advantage of this by engaging their users with social validation to market their online profile for free. Queueforme allows users to check in on Facebook and Yelp. Restaurants can also get helpful analytics from the data collected, allowing them run a loyalty program and identify queueing trends. For example, if they notice that customers start dropping out after a 30 minute wait, they can reward customers with a free drink after half an hour so they will not leave. Should the merchant decide to further integrate their business operations with this service, such as indicating when a customer leaves the restaurant, attach receipts etc, we can derive even more insights such as relationships between party size, meal duration and spending power which can help the merchant in their long term customer engagement plans.