TRACK3: que point

* FitBit for your Organization + CONNECTING to QuickBooks

San Jose


Technologies Used

Microsoft Excel
Office 365
Apple Watch
Microsoft Azure
iOS App

Project Team

Erik Medina
Catherine Rhee
Jeanine Swatton

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


qp: que point (FitBit for your Org) Know the Health State of your Organization by seeing your reports and outstanding balances in beautiful reports via Mobile App & iWatch. Similar to the FitBit Health Tracker, you can set goals to collect on outstanding funds to keep you afloat. DON'T GO BROKE WAITING! See your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and dozens of other essential items that effect your organization. Get your funds by Organizing Essential Financials to hit your goals by your valuation, forecasting & competitive comparison. Find opportunities to collect on outstanding invoices by the updates, data visualizations and alerts to your iWatch to identify hidden opportunities. Different types of invoicing and process invoicing for partial payment has too many steps that can lead to errors. Currently, there is a tool for every need everywhere, but not one tool meets ALL needs at one place. QP: Designed to help: • Data Visualizations of data to collect on outstanding invoices and hit goals and quotas. • Connection through QuickBooks financial APIs to business finance information • Actionable organization domain goals surfaced through an easy to use glanceable dashboard • Excel integration through Office 365 provides access to legacy business data • iWatch Alert Notification to send to customer reminder to prevent late fees. • Incentivize to pay on time with discounts and benefits. • Save time and stay organized • Access reports any time, anywhere • Organize everything in one place • close estimate of the progress invoice milestone payments & partial payment. Report the stages of the progress of payments for reconciliations and closing of outstanding invoices. Que Point gives you the Preferences of Progress Invoicing. Either for a fixed percentage of the entire estimate, or for different percentages of each line item on the estimate. Specify Invoice Amounts for Items on Estimate by amount, percentage quantity, and/or rate due for each item to appear on the invoice which will automatically be added to Accounts Receivable. Run Comparison reports. Estimates vs Actuals to know what you need to collect in Real-Time to stay in the black and grow. Make it fun (gamification rewards) and achievable.