Flying Carpet

An on-demand travel plan experience web site



Technologies Used

MasterCard Lost-Stolen Account List
MasterCard SimplifyCommerce
MasterCard APIs

Project Team

Akgün Demirbaş
Erdem Çağlayan
Özkan SARI
Viki Handeli Turna

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Product Manager Investor


Flying Carpet project addresses the need of users to create a travel plan easily in order to meet their unique requests and select an offer which has been made by different travel agencies or local people regarding the requester's choices. The current model forces people to go for standard packages of travel agencies but people prefer to have different tailor-made options without paying a fortune. IMPACT: Pre-defined travel packages usually don't meet people's needs. Each person has a different request from a trip. Some people don't know how to make a good travel plan and the ones who know, spend a huge amount of time to prepare one; especially when they want to go abroad. People need options to prepare their dream vacation. SOLUTION: Flying Carpet enables users to create a multi-stop vacation plan, see other plans created by other users, add these plans to their request lists, share their plans via social networks, make offers and most importantly, select among different offers according to their likings. Enabling different users to make offers creates competition and results in lower costs and also makes it possible for the users to add different attractions to their plans like festivals, or wine tastings and have a more satisfying experience without a hassle. APIs USED: Simplify Commerce, Lost&Stolen Account APIs PLANNED TO BE USED: MasterPass , MoneySend, PlacesAPI FUTURE WORK: Selecting locations from a map, MasterCard Places API Integration with the map, multi language support, detailed listings of accomodation and transport selections, creating a reliable community by rating the offerers and the requesters, enabling not only travel agencies but also local people to offer accomodation, guidance and travel plans by implementing MoneySend API, etc.