Instagram Growth Hack Tool


Technologies Used

Instagram API

Project Team

Sarah Chok
Entrepreneur Designer Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Revolutionising the use of hashtags for IG. Conventional hashtag search process: 1. Think of relevant and obvious hashtags for your photo 2. Click through hashtags to see other people's images. 3. Search for other hashtags that are being used for those photos 4. Click into hashtags to see what they're about. 5. Stalk that person's profile to see if their hashtags are reliable. 6. Go back to your photo to add and edit it for your photo. That's at least 12 clicks/touches to find at least 1 relevant hashtag if you're lucky. Let's make it 5 with some killer UX + UI design. Looking for developers familiar with Objective-C/Swift/Java, Python & a UX designer.


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