Pro Kisan

Wireless Farm connection to farmers automating motor & Machine Control


Technologies Used

Amazon AWS

Project Team

Kranthi Kumar Kukkala
Entrepreneur Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


The farmer has to travel to fields often during odd hours and in an unfavourable weather just to switch ON/OFF the motor due to unexpected erratic power supply.They often face the risk of wild animals, snakes, hazardous terrain and electric shocks while travelling to the fields in the dark and on a rainy day. Existing aids like auto-starters are unreliable and incapable of communicating the operating state of the motor. Where a farmer has more than one motor pump set; he has to run around to make sure that all the motor pumps are working when the power is available. Wastage of water and electricity:At times, motor pumps are left running for longer than what is necessary because of the effort involved in switching OFF the motor. This leads to wastage of both electricity and water Excessive watering results in soil erosion, wastage in fertilizers used and hence a loss in productivity. Excess fertilizer run-off in to larger water bodies (lakes and rivers), further impacts environment Indiscriminate use of resources is also resulting in exploitation of ground water beyond recharging capacity.