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Abubakar Shams
Developer Entrepreneur
Hammad Maqbool
Developer Entrepreneur
Mujtaba Sheikh
Developer Entrepreneur
Yasmin Butt

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Product Manager Investor


Pre-funt – derived from the two most exquisite English words Perfect –and hunt that is a sheer blend of a combination that reflects a perfectionism in the HR recruitment system. Making the employer’s life extremely easier by helping it connect with the right candidates for the right job. This very outstanding web application is going to completely change the way you look at the human resource to the date. With this app you can save more than 30 hours a week during the recruitment and selection of candidates. And you are going to literally celebrate when you know that this app finally draws a thick line between activity and productivity by making human resource a scientific and quantifiable job ! Here is to a speedy life. Full of satisfaction and productivity,