A Staking Platform for Poker Tournaments

Las Vegas


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Laura Cabrera
Robert Boyd
Developer Entrepreneur
Dutch Boyd
Developer Designer Entrepreneur

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Product Manager Investor


It's eBay meets poker. With the cost of poker tournaments reaching as high as $1 million dollars for a single entry fee, we see some of the best poker players on the sidelines of some of the biggest events. Case in point: Phil Hellmuth, the all-time WSOP bracelet winner, was sitting on the sidelines for this year's $1m One Drop because he couldn't easily sell shares. On the other hand, the eventual 2nd place finisher in that same event, Daniel Negreanu, sold shares via Twitter and earned millions for his investors. With PokerStakers, we hope to build a platform which will allow players to sell shares to a larger number of stakeholders without having to worry about the logistics of collections and payouts. Poker is a first niche use case for the platform, which can eventually be extended to any number of crowdfunding and sponsorship verticals (business startup financing, DOTA tournaments, PGA, Nascar, etc).