Payment Distributed Delivery system for Instant Multi-Settlements


Technologies Used

IBM Bluemix

Project Team

Claudiu C.
Entrepreneur Designer Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Payment Distributed Delivery system for Instant Multi-Settlements - NSTAPAY - brings three main features of Bitcoin technology to banking transactions. Instant timing, low costs and utmost security. Pre-program and push your own algorithm to your banks to instruct them to pay multiple recipients by a single fee. One fee, many payments ! Hosted in IBM clouds using Bluemix and executed using OpenWhisk, for creating instant events, containerized and stored by Docker, until final execution by the banks. Like in Bitcoin or Dash environments, pre-authorized transactions take place after being broadcasted to the bank, in the instant when the user receives the payment. You receive one payment, and bank spread it to all your destinations. Huge help for Uber-like businesses, for affiliate payments, for zero-stock aiming retail businesses. For example, Uber drivers will get instant payment of their shares immediately after each ride ends and gets paid by the passenger ! Being PSD2 compliant (PSD 2 = Payment Services Directive approved by European Parliament, last edition), and customizable for each bank, it will be a game changer for future contracts (applying the electronic smart contracts to all financial interactions), while customers retain full control of their account and transaction: YOU will be the issuer of smart contracts and NSTAPAY will give you the right tools for doing it.


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